Solid Phase Extraction systems​

Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) systems

SPE-03 8-Channel High Volume Automated SPE System

The SPE-03 is a powerful and efficient sample preparation system capable of processing up to 8 samples at a time. It can be used for large and small volume water, food, soil, fuel and forensics sample clean up. The system uses positive pressure to deliver fluids at fixed flow rates and prevents build up in your SPE cartridges. All samples start and finish at the same time. By using our flow path integration technique, the SPE-03 has a very small footprint and can easily fit in any fume hood. Special features include bottle rinsing, separate waste outlets and nitrogen drying. The system has been validated at multiple sites for PFAS using EPA Method 537.1 and modified methods involving WAX cartridges.

Sample and fraction sizes are highly customizable for SPE-03.

Special features


The SPE-03 includes tubing with needle heads to accomodate open containers up to 1L. The optional MOD-004 sample bottle rack can be used for bottles from 125mL to 1L


Sample and solvent wastes exit through their respective tubing. This ensures that organic and aqueous wastes can be disposed of separately


Nitrogen drying of sorbent material can be programmed into the methods. This step can be time-controlled or until the user wishes to resume. The flow meter can be adjusted up to 2.4L/min


The SPE-03 uses an innovative adapter to accomodate 1, 3, 6mL SPE columns. There is no need for extra adapters


The SPE-03 can rinse sample containers using 1 or 2 solvents and then add the rinsate back to the SPE columns to improve recovery. The optional MOD-004 sample bottle rack can enable rinsing of large sample bottles


Two solvents can be mixed at specified ratios for cartridge conditioning, washing or elution. This can also be used to achieve stepped gradient elution

Fully Automated SPE for PFAS –          ISO 21675 as well as EPA Method 537/537.1/533,modified methods.
SPE-03 – 8-Channel Automated SPE (Solid Phase Extraction), 2018 Design
EPA Method 537 – Automate Sample Preparation for PFAS – PFOS, PFOA, etc. using SPE-03 System