CentriVap Vacuum Concentrators

These concentrators are compact and practical benchtop systems using a combination of centrifugal force, vacuum and heat to concentrate small sample volumes. Different types of rotors are available to simultaneously concentrate multiple sample volumes varying from 2 – 50ml.

CentriVap fits perfectly with our GO-HT clean-up and purification systems for reliable, easy and time-saving post purification steps:

Purified fraction volumes are collected into 2 – 4ml GC-vials. CentriVap rotors can hold up to 66 of these fraction vials which are concentrated to dryness within 40 minutes. There is no need for sample transfer; the vials used for collecting your purified fractions are also used in the CentriVap rotor. Vacuum concentration is less sensitive to losses of higher volatile target analytes and therefore preferred over alternative techniques such as nitrogen blowdown. After the concentration process is completed, recovery standard is added and the sample can directly be injected in a GC-HRMS or GC-MS/MS system.

Our CentriVap systems are supplied with a LABOPORT® vacuum pump and vacuum regulator. This system is available for testing together with the GO-HT sample purification systems.