DSP-Systems serves laboratories with complete solutions for the analysis of persistent organic pollutants. We provide an innovative new line of automated sample preparation and purification systems as well as extraction and concentration solutions.

Automated sample purification

DSP-Systems is the official European and North American distributor for MIURA; one of the world’s leading Japanese manufacturers of ‘automated sample preparation systems with next generation technology’.

MIURA has developed a green, highly efficient technology, particularly for Dioxin, PCB and PBDE sample purification and applied this technology in a new line of automated sample purification systems. These GO-xHT clean-up systems are now available in Europe and North America. GO-xHT can handle a wide variety of sample matrices such as food & feed, but also environmental samples such as soil, sewage, sludge, water and air.

Sample purification for Dioxins and PCBs and PBDEs has been made faster and easier than ever before. Moreover, organic solvent consumption and exposure is dramatically reduced while risks of cross contamination are eliminated. There are numerous significant advantages that GO-xHT systems offer while boosting laboratory efficiency.

Additionally, we provide sample extraction and concentration solutions using integrated instrumentation that perfectly combines with the GO-xHT automated clean-up systems. Solid and semi-solid samples can be easily and rapidly extracted with the new Solvent Extractor – SER-158.

This automated extraction and concentration system uses the Randall principle, meaning extraction is performed in boiling extraction solvent. After this step, a second extraction step is performed using a hot soxhlet or twisselman extraction. Up to six samples can be extracted within 2-3 hours, using less than 100ml of solvent per sample. While extracting, the sample is simultaneously concentrated and extraction solvent is collected is a solvent recovery tank. After the extraction process has finished, only traces of the extracion solvent will be left, saving you time for concentration processes.

Concentration and evaporation solutions

Evaporation and concentration is needed to get rid of remaining extraction solvent after the extraction has finished. Also, after purification has finished the volume of the extract needs to be concentrated down to the desired end-volume for GC-injection. For these purposes we offer the CentriVap benchtop concentration system. This vacuum centrifuge can hold over 60 samples (2 ml vials) and uses a combination of heat and vacuum. The CentriVap can also be used as a standalone evaporator system for evaporation of larger sample sizes, up to 100ml. Different rotors for different sample volumes are available and can be very easily replaced.

Analytical standard solutions and mixtures

DSP-Systems Supplies a comprehensive range of certified analytical standard solutions and mixtures, native as well as isotopically labeled (13C, d). All our standards and mixtures are produced by accredited manufacturers. (ISO 9001:2008; ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34:2009)

Custom made solutions and mixtures for Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs, PAHs and many other POPs are also available upon request.

Specificially designed for GO-xHT, we offer a complete standard solution kit with sophisticated dilution scheme for the preparation of the calibration set, spiking solutions, clean-up standards and recovery standards.

Analytical services

In close cooperation with Nofalab in The Netherlands, DSP-Systems offers an extensive range of analysis of consumer and industrial goods as well as raw materials of food and feed products. Nofalab is a well known GMP+ and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, equipped with the state of the art analytical instrumentation using the latest technology. Our comprehensive reports are internationally recognised, we make this service available to laboratories who wish to outsource (part of) their analysis, temporarily or for longer term.

DSP-Systems also assists laboratories with their method development and validation processes. A number of analysis we can assist you with are: Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs, PAHs, pesticides, GMO, mycotoxin analysis, fatty acids and mineral oils.

Contact us

For questions, remarks or simply if you want further information about our company and our technologies, we invite you to contact us. You can do this by sending an e-mail to info@dspsystems.eu, or call us: +31 85 047 9266. Our professionals would like to assist you.


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