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Standards for Environment, Food, Water and Exposure Analysis

Dioxin and Furan Individual Standards
Dioxin and Furan Method and Standard Mixtures
Flame Retardant Standards and Mixtures
PCB Standards and Standard Mixtures
Pesticides and Chemical Weapon Standards
Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Standards
Priority Pollutant and Contaminant Standards
Priority Pollutant Standard Mixtures
EDF 5463, Cod Liver Oil, Contaminated
EDF 5462, Cod Liver Oil, Fortified
EDF 5491, Freeze Dried Eggs
EDF 5184, Sediment, Heavily Contaminated
EDF 5183, Soil, Clean
EDF 2526, Fish, Fortified
EDF 2525, Fish, Contam.
EDF 2524, Fish, Clean

Column set certificates of quality

Application notes

2022:07 Automated purification for PCDD/F and all 209 PCBs (EPA1613B and EPA-1668A)
2022:03 Increased extraction efficiency of dioxins and PCBs in fishmeal
2020:03 - PFAS – Extraction, Purification and Automatisation using the new SPE-03
2019:11 - Comparison of available MS Systems for the Analysis of Dioxins and PCBs
POSTER: 2019:10 - A new automated purification method for the analysis of dioxins and all 209 pcbs
POSTER: 2019:10 - Sustainable chemistry for POPs analysis by using GO-HT technology
2019:03 - Single injection analysis of PCBs and Dioxins in food and feed using GO-HT sample purification
2018:12 - Feasibility study on Polychlorinated Naphthalenes (PCNs) analysis using GO-HT sample purification
2017: Dioxin and PCB analysis in fishmeal – Comparison of two extraction techniques
2017: Simultaneous Analysis for Dioxins, PCBS and PBDES Part III
2016: Simultaneous Analysis of Dioxins, PCBs and PBDEs Part II
2015: Simultaneous Analysis of Dioxins, PCBs and PBDEs Part I
2017: Simultaneous Analysis for Dioxins, PCBS and PBDES Part III


Hayward D.; Traag W. (2020) New approach for removing co-extracted lipids before mass spectrometry measurement of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in foods​

Fujita H. et al (2016) Simultaneous analysis of DIOXINS, PCBs and PBDES with a fully automated sample preparation system (II Validation). [Dioxin2016]

Traag W. et al (2015) High sample throughput in a modern dioxin laboratory using dual acquisition

Marchand P. et al (2014) A new highly innovative automatic purification system evaluated for Dioxins and PCBs.

Marchand P. et al (2013) Does automatic sample preparation fulfill the European analytical criteria for PCDD/Fs and PCBs monitoring in feed and food?

Fujita H. et al (2012) Suppresive effect of PCDD/Fs and DL-PCBs transfer from feed to eggs of laying hens by activated carbon as feed additive.

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