NEMC2020: Get the latest news on our 'next generation' sample prep for Dioxins and 209 PCBs.
Douglas G. Hayward, Willem Traag; Chemosphere 256 (2020) 127023

PFAS – Extraction, Purification and Automatization

DSP-Systems visit PromoChrom Technologies in Canada, Richmond, BC

PromoChrom Technologies manufactures smart automated SPE systems for a.o. the extraction of PFAS in water, food and soil samples.

Automated SPE for PFAS analysis

As PromoChrom’s European partner, we will help more laboratories simplify their PFAS extractions in water, food and soil samples!  SPE-03 systems are availble now for testing your application(s).

SETAC 2019 Exhibition - November 2-7 Toronto, Canada

Our first exhibition in NA was a success. The 'next generation' sample preparation systems for POPs analysis has officially been introduced in North America! An impression of our booth:

  • Analysis of Dioxins, PCBs and other POPs without methylene chloride; and < 100ml of solvent use
  • Presentation of GO-HT technology; next generation of automated sample purification
  • Poster presentation: The latest news about automated PCB 209 analysis

DSP-Systems enters the North American market with GO-HT technology from Japan.

The first GO-HT systems have been sold to commercial and governmental laboratories

During 2018-2019,  GO-HT systems have been tested by several North American laboratories. Food and feed samples as well as environmental samples were analysed for dioxins and PCBs according to EPA 1613 and EPA 1668 methods respectively. GO-HT systems provides ‘green’ automated sample purification, without DCM, for the analysis of

  • Dioxins only
  • Dioxins and PCBs
  • PCBs only (209 PCB method in development)
  • PBDEs,  PCNs

From September onwards, on-site demonstrations in North America are available. We can provide a 2-channel system (GO-2HT) with a set of columns and consumables which enables for the assessment of this next generation technology in your lab. Feel free to contact us!

During Dioxin 2019 in Kyoto, in cooperation with Miura Institute of Environmental Technology (Matsuyama, Japan) the annual GO-HT lunch seminar will be organized.

August 27th, 12:00-13:00h – Room C-1.

Topics will include:

  • Analysis of all 209 PCB according to EPA 1668
  • One shot GC-HRMS or GC-MS/MS analysis for PCDD/F & PCBs
  • Lowering LOQ to answer to EFSA’s opinion for lower background levels
  • New functions of GO-HT systems
  • New purification column for fatty samples (High capacity column)

Ongoing: Analysis of 209 PCBs using GO-HT sample purification

In close cooperation with Miura, we are working with priority on developing and optimising a purification method for all 209 PCBs. This application is in particular required for laboratories following EPA 1668 method. Experiments show that the GO-HT is suitable to perform according to EPA regulation. Final experiments are in progress for further optimization of the performance.

Ongoing: High capacity column set

Miura is currently in the finalization stage of developing a higher capacity column set for GO-HT with an improved capacity of up to 5 g fat content. This column set is expected to be available from around Autumn, 2019. More information will follow soon.

New column sets available for environmental (low fat) samples

ᴓ18mm column sets properties and benefits:

  • Environmental samples
  • Low fat samples (<1g)
  • Cost effective
  • Better elution of mono-PCBs
  • Faster purification

Test these column sets for your application now: Apply here for 10 column sets free of charge!

Column set 18mm

New column sets available for DXN only analysis

ᴓ18mm column sets properties and benefits:

  • Purification of dioxins and furans only
  • Extra cost efficient
  • Environmental samples
  • Low fat samples (<1g)
  • Faster purification

Test these column sets for your application: Apply here for 10 column sets free of charge!

2019:03 Single injection analysis of PCBs and Dioxin in food and feed using GO-HT sample purification:

2018.12: Feasibility study on Polychlorinated Naphthalenes (PCNs) analysis using GO-HT sample purification

In need for Reference Materials for Contaminants in Food, Soil and Sediment?

Now available on our website: Assigned values for Reference Materials for Contaminant analysis!