• Polychlorinated Naphthalenes with GO-xHT

    Selective and automated purification for the analysis of dioxins and PCBs is common nowadays. However, the use of these purification devices for the analysis of other classes of compounds are studied to lesser extent. This application note demonstrates that the automated purification device GO-xHT (Miura), is suitable to purify samples for sensitive detection of polyhlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs) in addition to dioxins, PCBs and PBDEs.

    Posted on: 6 november 2018
  • New products and accessories

    New products and accessories

    Sample vial holders with exchangeable 8/9mm vial adapters
    From January 2018, GO-xHT cleanup-system will be supplied with a new type of sample vial holder. This vial holder fits with 2 types adaptors :

    • Adaptor No. 8 – for sample vials with 8/425 screw thread
    • Adaptor No. 9 – for sample vials with 9/425 screw thread.

    The advantage of this new type is a more sustainable vial holder and a perfect leak-tight connection between your sample vial and the vial holder.

    Posted on: 4 december 2017
  • Simultaneous determination of PCDD/Fs, PCBs and PBDEs in Food and Feed using a MIURA GO-xHT system Posted on: 6 september 2016
  • Solvent AutoExtractor - SER158

    Solvent Extractor SER 148 and Solvent AutoExtractor SER 158

    Solvent Extractor SER 158The first step in sample preparation of solid and semi-solid matrices, such as animal feed, soil, sludge, seed and nuts, is extraction with an organic solvent. Common manual extraction techniques are soxhlet, or twisselman (hot soxhlet) extraction.


    Posted on: 10 februari 2016
  • Improved Carbon columns

    Improved carbon column

    Our colleagues from Japan have recently improved the GO-HT carbon columns in order to improve the purification performance. The newly improved carbon columns have smaller particle size than before, which results in enhanced adsorbing capacity which makes the column sets less sensitive to toluene traces present in the sample extract.


    Posted on: 10 februari 2016
  • Extraction of Dioxins and PCB in low fat containing samples - solvent exchange

    Extraction of Dioxins and PCBs in low fat containing samples – solvent exchange

    In order to achieve good recoveries for dioxins and PCBs in environmental (soil, ash, grass etc.) and animal feed samples (compound feed, cereals, minerals etc.) extraction with toluene, using soxhlet, PLE or alternatives, is mandatory. Quite often, for instance in the case of minerals, a polar modifier such as ethanol is added to the extraction solvent. Prior to analysis on GC-HRMS or GC-MS/MS, extracts need to be purified. (more…)

    Posted on: 25 augustus 2015
  • 'breakthrough' in automated sample preparation for dioxins and PCBs for European POPs laboratories

    The Next Generation of Dioxin and PCB Purification

    In april 2015, DSP-Systems launched a ‘breakthrough’ in automated sample preparation for dioxins and PCBs for European POPs laboratories. Manufactured in Japan, we bring a new line of sample purification systems with new technology that makes dioxin and PCB purification processes ‘greener’, safer and faster than ever before.

    Posted on: 30 maart 2015

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