Vivace™ Duo Solid Phase Extraction system

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Vivace™ Duo Solid Phase Extraction system

Fast, Light & Versatile

Vivace™ Duo Solid Phase Extraction system is a dedicated workhorse for the efficient handling of large batches of small biological, food and environmental samples. By running two positions simultaneously, the Vivace™ Duo is twice as fast as single-channel systems on the market. It has a user-friendly touch interface that can store up to 100 methods and apply up to 4 different methods for your sample batch.

Automated sample container rinsing is built-in to improve recovery for sticky compounds such as PFAS. The backdraw feature allows analytes to bypass the syringe pump to eliminate contamination. Other features include utilizing both sample/fraction tubes to double the sample/fraction capacity, automatic needle cleaning, cartridge drying and blockage detection. 

VivaceDuo automated SPE system
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All-in-one SPE Solution

2 Channel system
The Vivace Duo can run two samples simultaneously, saving significant time when extracting large batches of food and biological samples as well as environmental extracts.
Simple User Interface

The Vivace Duo comes with a 5-inch touch controller that can store and edit up to 100 different methods. There is no need for an external computer, keeping the system footprint highly compact. Samples can be divided into 4 groups, with different methods applied for each.

Nitrogen Drying

Nitrogen drying of sorbent material can be programmed into the methods. This step can be time-controlled or until the user wishes to resume. 

Automatad Needle Wash

Using the “Needle Wash” action, the system automatically performs cleaning of the inside and outside of sampling needles on the washing station. This step can be integrated into each method to remove carry over between samples.

Cartridge Blockage Detection

The system can detect the blockage of SPE cartridges and reduce the flow rate accordingly. If blockage continues, an alarm will sound and the instrument will pause for the user to step in.

Sample Container Rinsing

The integrated sample lines feature rinse ports that allow rinsing of sample containers with desired solvents. This enables analytes to be washed off container walls and sampling needle.

Different Sample Container Sizes

The Vivace Duo is compatible with 4mL, 8mL or 20mL sample vials using different tray configurations.

Multi-functional Platform

The Vivace Duo can handle samples and fractions up to 15mL. However, sample and fraction containers can be used interchangeably to achieve higher sample and fraction volumes. 

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Working Principle 

Up to 30 sample vials, SPE cartridges and fraction bottles can be loaded onto the circular tray. The needle head controls 2 sets of needles for samples and fractions, and a set of plungers that form a seal around the SPE cartridges to deliver fluid via positive pressure. 

Sample capacity
30,2 Channel
Volume of sample
0.5-15 mL (up to 30mL if using fraction tubes)
System control
5-inch Touch Screen
Solvent capacity
6 solvents
Flow rate
1 to 65 mL/min
12 kg
35 cm x 43 cm x 35.5 cm
Vivace Duo
Vivace Duo 2-Channel high throughput SPE system
Rotating tray for 6 mL SPE cartridges
Rotating tray for 3 mL SPE cartridges
Rotating tray for 1 mL SPE cartridges
Minimal-Teflon Option