Automated Sample Preparation for Dioxins and PCB

Automated Sample Preparation for Dioxins and PCB by Miura Co. Ltd

DSP-Systems is the official European and North American distributor for one of the world’s leading Japanese manufacturers of ‘green technology for the future’: Miura Institute of Environmental Science.

Miura develops and improves laboratory technology dedicated to efficiency and sustainability.  This is implemented in our GO-EHT systems resulting in dependable and efficient automated sample preparation for Dioxins and PCB as well as other persistent organic pollutants. 

GO-EHT systems are easy to operate. They offer high throughput using certified consumables with a high sample capacity. In addition minimal solvents are used.

The unique design enables the operator to control solvent and sample flow without switching valves. The sample cleanup procedure takes place on the certified disposable column set which is positioned in front of the system. Becasue there is no contact between the samples and the system itself, no extra washing is required and cross contamination is eliminated.

Column sets and commitment to excellence

The GO-EHT sample preparation systems are operated with a certified set of four chromatography columns for every sample. These high performance clean-up columns are vacuum sealed and have a user-friendly design.

During the purification process, the columns are heated which results in a significant boost in chromatography efficiency while using a very low volume of organic solvent. Exposure to operator and the environment is minimized.