GO-HT Systems

Fully automated sample clean-up and purification systems by Miura Co. Ltd

Nowadays, laboratories analyzing wide variety of matrices on Dioxins and PCB’s are facing continuously increasing challenges; not only reduction of costs and sample turnaround time require laboratories’ efficiency to go to the limit, safety measures for laboratory personnel as well as organic solvent consumption and exposure the environment are getting of increasing interest throughout national regulatory bodies.

DSP Systems aims to provide these laboratories with the right answer to these requirements and developments, thereby enable laboratories to position themselves to the frontline of the market:

  • Extremely low solvent consumption
    • Hexane 90ml
    • Toluene 4ml
  • No cross contamination
  • Dioxin and PCB fractions only 1.5 ml
  • Run time of 90 minutes
  • No sample valves, no clogging
  • No washing programs
  • Recoveries > 80%
  • Very attractively prices

Available in three versions

The GO-exHT system is available as 2, 4 or 6 columns in parallel. All three configurations will provide a significant efficiency boost in sample purification and clean-up while saving much solvents and minimizing exposure. Cross-contamination inherent to older existing technology is eliminated.


For questions, remarks or a demonstration of our systems in your laboratory, we invite you to contact us.

Send an e-mail to info@dspsystems.eu, or call us: +31 85 047 9266.