System model: Miura GO-4HT

GO-HT automated sample purification cleanup system PCB
All 4 units are operated independently from each other allowing the user to start different programs at different times if desired.

One controller module, two processing modules

The GO-4HT systems is an excellent choice for high throughput laboratories analyzing up to 3.000 samples per annum. The system consists of 1 controller module and 2 processing modules. Each processing module has 2 sample purification units.
The controller module is configured to communicate with all four units simultaneously and independently.

Need more capacity as your laboratory grows? Then simply connect a third processing module to the GO-4HT and upgrade to 6 sample purification units with a GO-6HT configuration.

The controller module is equipped with a large touchscreen interface that allows you to run and edit your programs on the system. Multiple methods can be saved and selected from the main interface, it’s very user friendly. No addition peripheral equipment is needed.

GO-4HT properties

  • Up to 4 samples parallel per run
  • Up to 3.000 samples per year
  • Weight: 95KG
  • Dimensions (l x b x h): 1060mm x 600mm x 820mm